Hay hay y'all. My name is Madison and I'm a wedding + lifestyle + senior photographer here in central Kentucky. I'm just a lil obsessed with capturing love & those milestones in your life that you're going to cherish forever. When you're 65 & rockin your grandkids on the front porch showing them how you both got down & dirty on the dance floor. How your heart raced & skin blushed walking down aisle to see the person of your dreams waiting for you. How your senior year letterman jacket felt over a hoodie. This is more than just me clicking a button- it's your memories. I truly want to be more than just someone who takes pictures for you.

fun facts about me:

  • I've played soccer my entire life and got to play Division 1 in college! (Now I'm retired and washed up)
  • I have the best doggo's, Dakota & Sage. A Goberian- Golden Retriever/Husky mix, aka "Fluffbutt" & a Husky girl.
  • I like coffee with my cream. & anything vanilla. & spicy foods. Oh and did I already mention tacos?
  • I'm an enneagram 7, so I live for new experiences and adventure!!

On a more personal note- when it comes to photography, I've literally been taking pictures of everything/everyone since I could hold a camera. I've always been a very sentimental person, & pictures hold a very important place in my heart. They are literally our lives frozen in time. When I was 11, I lost everything in a house fire. That included hundreds of childhood polaroids, scrapbooks, and my very 1st cell phone. (I was freakin devastated lol) I want to capture the special moments in your life because photos are such an amazing way to hold memories- you can cherish them, look back and relive the moments over & over again. Also- BIG FAN of getting to know people, so let's be friends and grab a drink! (preferably with chips & queso)

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